FieldSolutions Deploys Enterprise-Grade Tools Increasing Efficiency for High-Volume Clients

FieldSolutions’ new work order functionality gives clients greater control with reduced time to manage

Minneapolis – November 1, 2012 – FieldSolutions, North America’s premier independent field service technician resource provider, announces the release of a range new work order enhancements to its on-line management tools, focused on the needs of demanding high-volume clients with stringent service level agreements (SLAs). The new features supplement FieldSolutions’ already industry-leading work order management process enabling 96% work order event satisfaction rates. FieldSolutions’ completely re-designed work order with Multi-Visit capabilities, combined with the recently released individual User Preferences, provides clients a new degree of customization and control in managing high-volume project work.

FieldSolutions’ CEO Mac Lewis comments, “Our new Work Order management tools and the flexibility of our new features for customizable User Preferences further enhance the speed of use of our  existing Work Order activity dashboards and project oriented mass work order update capabilities for high volume users of our on-line system.  These new enhancements improve effectiveness and positive quality outcomes for Field Solutions’ clients and build upon our industry-leading position in serving the largest outsourced field service buyers. Our unique controls and tools specifically designed to efficiently manage large-scale, national service projects and the most stringent service level agreement (SLA) standards provide our clients a compelling competitive advantage.”

Breakthrough New Work Order Management Tools

FieldSolutions’ new work order management tools work hand-in-hand with customizable User Preferences to provide clients with new levels of efficiency in managing their work from Technician Sourcing to Final Approval:

  • The newly re-designed work order includes new on-site time management tools focused on increasing service operations control and visibility. Clients can now add an unlimited number of scheduled re-visits to a single work order, and technicians can document their unplanned re-visits, all with to-the-minute accuracy for a successful and track-able work event. Unique features such as separate signoff sheets for each visit support greater control and quality. Additionally, FieldSolutions’ clients can save time by using the updated Mass Work Order Import tool to create batches of work orders with multiple pre-scheduled visits.
  • New Customizable Client User Preferences help clients work more efficiently by displaying only the work that the individual user is most interested in while filtering out distractions from other peoples’ activity. Client users save time by setting their own personalized work order dashboard filters and sort preferences enabling fast uncluttered user experience. The system can even remember users’ most recent sort after they’ve logged out of the platform. The new tools also allow coordinators to set their own custom communications and work order level contacts settings independent of project-level defaults, ensuring the right notifications reach the responsible coordinators.
  • FS-Mapper™ (V2 Release: November 15th) is FieldSolutions’ map-based Work Order Sourcing Tool. FS-Mapper™ allows clients to geographically visualize and then build a bundle of many sites and assign them all at once to a single provider. This exciting new feature can also generate easy-to-use ‘Call Lists’ of qualified technicians near clients’ work. FS-Mapper™ leverages FieldSolutions’ existing Find Techs tool to filter mapped technicians by skills, experience, certifications, custom FS-TechTags™, and more, to display the best-suited nationwide or regional technician coverage for project work.

About FieldSolutions, Inc.

FieldSolutions ( provides field service technicians to large technology services companies throughout North America. Its combination of an online self-service commerce engine and full service resource management services allows clients a seamless variable service model unavailable anywhere else. FieldSolutions’ ‘direct-to-tech’ network of more than 27,000 independent contractors offers comprehensive, low-cost services for global technology and service companies including electronics manufacturers, resellers and service providers from all areas of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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