FS-PlusOne Rewards by FieldSolutions

FS-PlusOne is FieldSolutions’ cash rewards program promoting excellent service quality.

Once registered, you begin to earn points and cash rewards. On enrollment receive 5,000 points for registering and then earn additional points in many ways such as completing work orders, a background check, and program certifications. Accumulated points are automatically awarded as cash rewards via an FS-PlusOne Visa Rewards Card.

To Register

Login to your technician profile and click the FS-PlusOne logo in the upper left corner.

Earning FS-PlusOne Rewards

Upon earning 10,000 FS-PlusOne Rewards points you will be mailed your FS-PlusOne Visa Rewards Card loaded with your cash reward. This card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

As you continue to earn points, your FS-PlusOne Rewards Card will be re-loaded with additional cash rewards. Available and Lifetime Points can be monitored in the upper left corner of your technician homepage.

FS-PlusOne Enrollment Bonus

Automatically awarded upon registering with FS-PlusOne

5,000 Points

Per Work Order

Each client approved Work Order

 50 Points

Positive Performance Rating

Each Event Performance Score of  Excellent or Very Good

50 Points

 CompTIA Certifications

  • CompTIA A+ Certification
  • CompTIA PDI+ Certification
  • CompTIA Server+ Certification
  • CompTIA Network+ Certification
  • Certification number must be listed on technician profile

 500 Points (for each cert)


Background Check

Each new background check processed through Blue Ribbon Credentials and shared with FieldSolutions

1,000 Points

Electro-mechanical Certification

Available at no cost through FieldSolutions, located in the left the left sidebar menu upon logging into your technician account

 10,000 Points

New Prospect Referral

Register a new client company name with FieldSolutions. Must be a “new name” and eligible to purchase services. Name and phone number or email must be validated by FieldSolutions.

 1,000 Points

Client Referral Start Up

Referred client starts up and approves 10 work orders

 20,000 Points

Participation in Technician Advisory Board

FieldSolutions’ Tech Advisory Board is held quarterly

25,000 Points