To enter the FS PlusOne™ Rewards site, please sign in as a technician provider and click the FSPlusOne link in the upper left of your control panel.

We are PlusOne™

“Great” in service is more than just doing the job assigned or responding when asked. Great Service is achieved by doing the extra thing, before being asked, in an appropriate and contributory manner, and without asking to be paid for it. The Rewards usually come anyway.

At FieldSolutions, Great Service Performance from our own employees providing support or from our tens of thousands of independent contractor technicians doing the hard work being asked of them by our clients is achieved by taking one extra step, delivering the service requirements…PlusOne™.

The Importance of PlusOne™

Great PlusOne Service™ is important for FieldSolutions and our Independent Contractor providers. Our service has to be twice as great as others because we are working together to create work and incomes where there was none.

We are working to create a living serving our technology clients who are at first skeptical, and later worried, about the reliability and excellence of independent contractor field technicians– even though they are often saving substantially. FieldSolutions works everyday to put those savings in the pockets of our hardworking technicians, and great service helps us reward you.

Changing an industry takes PlusOne™ greatness

Thirty years ago many of FieldSolutions registered technicians were just starting out in their technology careers. They got their first jobs on field service teams with a truck, tools, schedulers, formal training, and full healthcare benefits. Field service technicians were employed full time, and highly trained. Today, many of these full time service positions are “unaffordable”, and experienced field technicians can support a wide range of equipment. This is what we do: service technology requirements of all types at all times in the field, excellently.

Our biggest challenge is changing the mindset of our clients and their service coordinators, proving that our service will save them money and that we will also do a PlusOne Great™ job. We must prove that we will be easier to do business with than any other option, so that they will trust us with more of their work. We must make that extra effort every day to be PlusOne GreatTM to earn their trust.

We Are PlusOne™
  • We are a new and added resource to our clients. We are PlusOneTM for them.
  • We have to work together to succeed: the FieldSolutions team Plus Each One of our 22,000+ independent technicians
  • We deliver PlusOneTM Great Service by being PlusOneTM in everything we do.

Starting soon, FieldSolutions is offering our technicians the rewards of PlusOne Service™.


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