Our Members

FieldSolutions™ members are just that: Members. Not contractors, not substitutes. FieldSolutions works tirelessly to help you be successful.

FieldSolutions members are technology hardware, software, field service and quality assurance people wanting to work on their own terms. Expertise of interest include: personal computers, point of sale systems, WiFi hubs and routers, telephone systems, and other technologies (register now to check out the whole list).

FieldSolutions members are hardworking with a focus on delivering quality. Because we have a steady stream of work, you will have a steady stream of work. Because we follow up with our clients and the install location managers, we ensure world-class client satisfaction.

By being the best at what we do, we all get more jobs to deliver.

What our members seek in working with FieldSolutions:

  • Work and income opportunities within the flexible life style that they have chosen
  • Work with a staffing program that is reputable, trustworthy and transparent
  • Work with the world’s leading equipment providers and service companies
  • Work with a company that is committed to quality