About FieldSolutions

Contingent technology field service resource provider with the highest measurable service quality, lowest total cost of service, and most variable and scalable resource strategy available. Read More  >

Technologies Served

FieldSolutions serves a broad range of technologies, including: PC’s, copiers and printers, data center support, telephony, routers, cabling, POS, CCTV/security, ATM’s kiosks, and related equipment. Read More  >

Direct-to-40,000+ Technicians

Direct-to-Technician enables a breakthrough in the service quality and service cost relationship. Only FieldSolutions provides direct-to-technician contingent field services. Read More >

Self-Service Platform Solution

Online field service management and commerce engine provides direct, transparent access to our network of 40,000+ independent technicians and the industry leading “Command & Control” approach to quality performance. Read More >

Managed Deployment Solutions

Program Management Resources for high volume and high velocity rollouts, steady state programs, or ad hoc operations support. Read More  >

Mission Critical Service Solutions

2hr-4hr-Same Day reactive service and program management of maintenance and entitlement programs, integrating 24×7 call center capabilities, logistics, parts supply, field Inventory, asset disposition and more.  Read More  >

SaaS, Service Apps, Innovations

Innovations entirely focused on Technology Field Service Operations  enable higher quality, greater speed, lower cost, greater  reporting, and delivery of a broader range of service requirements.  Read more  >

Global Geographic Coverage

Technology field service coverage of 86 countries, all managed directly through FieldSolutions and paid in US$. Read More  >


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July 2, 2014

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