Field Service Technician Providers

“We have built a relationship with many of their technicians. We work all over the country, and we may have jobs in very unpopulated areas, and they have a wide selection of technicians geographically.

Owner | Electronics Services Company

Provider Network – US, Canada, Mexico

Nationwide network of 40,000+ independent field service technicians provides complete geographic coverage
    • 1,500+ Canadian providers and additional coverage
    • Service coverage of all 31 states and 1 federal district in Mexico
    • 100% coverage of the US and Canada with licensed electricians via Mr. Electric alliance

Best-in-Class Provider Profile

  • 100% visibility to contact information enabling complete vetting before committing work assignments
  • Complete visibility to technician provider information
  • Visibility to work experience, skills, performance and certifications
  • Unlimited Client Custom Tech-Tags assures precise match of skills and preferences
  • Analytically derived “FS-Experts” provide FieldSolutions’ recommended techs per each skill

Vetting & Credentials

    • Reduced risk of “adjudication errors” with Blue Ribbon Credentials’ processed background checks and drug testing
    • I-9 e-verify credential available
    • Variable W-2 technician services available as required

Client Customized Training and Credentials

    • Complete built-in e-learning and testing module for company-specific credentialing
    • Customized client tags for building multi-layered lists of preferred techs

Industry Credentials

    • Verified Certifications include: CompTIA A+, Dell DCSE, MRA verification and more
    • Custom credentialed provider base development capabilities

 100% Direct-to-Technician U.S. Coverage

US Coverage June 5 2014